KW DLC Lowering Module

Electronic lowering modules for a better look and more driving dynamics with App for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

The KW DLC (Dynamic Level Control) allow a visually attractive lowering for numerous automobiles and SUVs with standard air suspension. This is an electronic lowering module that will be connected to the electronic system quick and easy via adapter plugs. The KW DLC allows vehicle-specific lowering of up to 50 mm and can optionally be continuously lowered via the DLC KW App. From a driving speed of 70 km/h, the lowered vehicle with its standard air suspension lifts back to the relevant series height. At slow speeds (from 30 km/h), the vehicle lowers back to your desired lowering. This gives you the advantage that After the installation of KW DLC air suspension no axle alignment and no tracking adjustment is necessary and there will also not be an increased tire wear.


Compatible comfort
The electronic lowering module is compatible with various OEM manufacturer\'s air suspension systems. Whether the system is Audi\'s "adaptive air suspension", Mercedes-Benz AIRMATIC or, Mercedes-Benz ABC - all factory features remain fully functional. Deactivation of the DLC module is not necessary.

Easy to install
KW takes into consideration the smallest details when creating an application specific product. Our vehicle-specific applications increase the ease of installing the DLC module into your car or SUV. Utilizing the switch placed at the control unit, incremental lowering heights can be adjusted and set. The KW DLC App provides this adjustment remotely along with the added options of varying ride heights.


W-LAN Module & App Control

Optional KW DLC App allows control of the ride height adjustment live via an iOS or Android device.

The KW DLC App is compatible with Apple iOS device It allows the user to lower the car by 1 millimeter increments on the ADVANCED Menu screen of the App. The W-LAN module must be purchased separately to allow use of the KW DLC App.

KW DLC App: The App for adaptive driving pleasure

Menu Basic
In the"Basic" menu of the KW DLC App, you can easily activate or deactivate the electronic lowering of your air suspension with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch./p>

Menu Advanced
The ADVANCED menu allows you to precisely lower your vehicle millimeter by millimeter.

Menu Personal
In the „Personal“ menu you can save your lowering settings and even share them via email with your friends.

Menu Settings
In „Settings“ you can connect your smartphone with the KW WIFI box and also dial different backgrounds for the KW DLC App.

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