The Ultimate Suspension Upgrade: KW V1, V2, and V3 Coilovers Released for BMW 4 Series (G22/G23) – Tips for a Wise Purchase

    At KW Automotive, we proudly present the inaugural lineup of height-adjustable sports suspensions, known as KW coilovers, within our product offerings. Each set comes complete with a parts certificate, catering to various models and editions of the latest BMW 4 Series Coupe (G22), BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé (G26; rear-wheel drive, excluding the M440i), and all rear-wheel-drive 4 Series Convertibles (G23)..

    Specifically, the KW V1, V2, and V3 coilovers are now accessible for all BMW 4 Series Coupes (G22), the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé (G26; rear-wheel drive, excluding the M440i), and all 4 Series Convertibles (G23) with rear-wheel drive. You can find these high-quality coilovers at our certified KW retail partners or directly through KW Automotive.

    Rest assured, additional KW coilover kits tailored for the BMW 4 Series Coupe (G22), Convertible (G23), and Gran Coupe (G26) will be introduced in the upcoming months. Stay tuned for more exciting releases!

    Nevertheless, our focus extends beyond outfitting rare special models, including the occasional safety car. We are actively engaged in various intriguing and challenging projects, showcasing our commitment to innovation and excellence.

    This tradition has persisted for years, exemplified by the MotoGP BMW Z8, featured in the image. Notably, our delivery program includes the KW V3 coilover with a parts certificate tailored for this model. Starting from 2022, every BMW M4 GT3 will be equipped with our state-of-the-art 5-way adjustable racing dampers, further solidifying our commitment to high-performance solutions in motorsport.

    Certainly, all drivers of contemporary BMWs, including the 4 Series Coupe (G22), stand to gain significant advantages from our KW engineering expertise.

    1, 2, or 3? The differences between a KW V1, V2 and V3

    For those who find themselves uncertain about the ideal KW coilover for their specific requirements, especially if their BMW 4 Series Coupe (G22) is primarily driven on public roads, our recommendation lies within the KW coilovers featured in the “STREET PERFORMANCE” category. These options are designed to cater to the demands of street driving, ensuring an optimal balance of performance and comfort.

    Our latest release includes the KW V1, V2, and V3 coilovers specifically designed for the G22, whether equipped with all-wheel drive or not. Each of these coilovers offers a continuous lowering capability ranging from 30 to 50 millimeters on both the front and rear axles, all in accordance with the specifications outlined in the technical parts certificate.

    Regardless of whether it’s a KW V1, V2, or V3 coilover, our suspension struts, crucial for wheel control, are predominantly crafted from stainless steel. As illustrated in the image featuring the KW V1 for VW Golf 2, this material choice ensures durability and performance across our coilover range

    All three suspensions enrich the BMW with sporty and harmonious driving performance. The damping is as tight as necessary and comfortable as possible. The three coilovers differ in their details

    Image of a KW V1 coilover with black powder-coated rear axle damper housing

    In our lineup of coilover applications featuring a parts certificate for the BMW 4 Series (G22), it’s important to note that all are constructed with stainless steel. However, there is a distinction in the material of the rear axle dampers: for the KW V1 and KW V2 coilovers, these dampers are made of steel, while starting from the KW V3 coilover onward, the rear axle dampers are crafted from stainless steel.

    Modern vehicles, including the current BMW 4 Series, employ a multi-link rear axle design. Due to constructional considerations, the shock absorber is distinct from the spring, deviating from the MacPherson principle. Consequently, the lowering adjustment is directly configured at the height adjustment on the spring for enhanced suspension performance and control.

    The three KW coilovers exhibit differences in their interior design. Specifically, our KW V1 coilover is meticulously crafted at our factory in Fichtenberg, ensuring precision and tailored engineering specifically for your BMW 4 Series. This dedication to detail and craftsmanship reflects our commitment to delivering high-quality suspension solutions for your vehicle.

    In the production process, we incorporate KW V1 valve components, including valve springs, coil springs, and valve carrier, for both compression and rebound. These components are meticulously adapted to ensure optimal performance for your BMW. It’s important to note that on the KW V1, the bottom valve, known as the compression valve, and the rebound valve are not adjustable after production. Additionally, the KW V1 does not currently utilize multi-valve technology. This configuration is designed to provide a precise and reliable suspension system for your specific vehicle.

    In contrast, starting from the KW V2 coilover and beyond, we implement KW multi-valve technology. With this advancement, the rebound system adopts a two-part design. The high-speed rebound valve, comprising a coil spring, shims, and valve springs, is preloaded to suit the characteristics of the specific vehicle. Notably, the low-speed rebound can be finely adjusted directly through an adjustment spindle. This sophisticated design allows for more nuanced tuning and customization of the suspension to meet individual preferences and driving conditions.

    At the apex of the piston rod, you can insert the purple adjustment wheel, a component consistently included in the KW Toolbox. This tool allows you to tailor the predetermined setup to match your personal driving preferences. With 16 clicks available, you have the flexibility to fine-tune the handling characteristics, adjusting the rebound to achieve a more direct or comfortable driving experience according to your preferences. This user-friendly customization ensures that you can optimize your suspension for a driving sensation that suits your individual style.

    For years, we have included “rebound extensions” in our delivery program to simplify the process of rebound adjustment on the piston rod. These extensions are particularly well-suited for the piston rod on the rear axle damper, enhancing the convenience and ease of making adjustments to achieve the desired suspension settings. This commitment to practical solutions reflects our dedication to providing a seamless and customizable experience for our users.

    In cases where there is sufficient space in modern vehicles, we take the integration of the rebound adjustment wheel to the next level by directly incorporating it into the piston rod of the rear axle damper on the KW Variant 3 coilover. This enhanced version is often referred to as “V3+,” a designation used by many dealers. This innovative design streamlines the adjustment process, providing a more compact and integrated solution for users seeking optimal control over their suspension settings.

    The popularity of the KW V3 coilover among our customers for everyday use is easily understandable. It stands out for delivering excellent value for the money, surpassing many other coilovers in this regard. Notably, its cost is often less than the additional charges listed by most car manufacturers for features such as navigation or infotainment packages. This affordability, coupled with the performance and customization options it provides, makes the KW V3 a compelling choice for those seeking a high-quality coilover for their daily driving needs.

    The distinctive feature that sets the KW V3 coilover apart from the KW V2 or V1 is the ability to independently adjust damping forces in the low-speed compression and rebound. Similar to the KW V2, the low-speed rebound adjustment on the KW Variant 3 can be finely tuned with 16 clicks. This customization allows drivers to tailor their suspension settings for more direct handling or a softer, more comfortable ride. The ability to independently adjust both compression and rebound at low speeds enhances the precision and versatility of the KW V3, making it a standout choice for those seeking a highly customizable and performance-oriented coilover system.

    With twelve clicks available for shock absorber adaptation, adjustments to the compression primarily impact the body’s pitching and rolling movements, as well as its turn-in behaviour. When the valves are opened, compression is reduced, leading to a quicker dive of the vehicle during steering movements. This level of customization allows drivers to fine-tune their suspension settings to achieve the desired handling characteristics and responsiveness for their driving preferences and conditions.

    Exactly, when compression is increased, the piston rod experiences a slower dive, resulting in enhanced stability during steering movements for vehicles like the BMW 4 Series Coupe (G22), convertibles, or gran coupe. The precise tuning of compression leads to improved turn-in behavior, making the vehicle more responsive and offering a heightened level of precision in handling. This adjustability in compression settings allows drivers to achieve the desired balance between stability and responsiveness, tailoring the suspension to suit their specific driving preferences.

    Due to the implementation of multi-valve technology, as seen in our coilovers like the KW Variant 3, the non-adjustable high-speed valves are designed to open promptly when the wheel encounters rapid movement over bumps or transverse joints. This feature enhances the coilover’s ability to respond quickly to sudden and impactful road irregularities, contributing to improved handling and comfort in various driving conditions

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